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A sweet girl mostly used in Arabic country's and is very imaginative beautiful and is a natural leader usually taking charge in difficult situations.

Ooh How we all should wish we were a Nahid
"Nahid always helps us in soo many difficult siruations"
by Karhhy December 30, 2016
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The name Nahid is used for a person you can have the maddest banter with without worrying that they will snake you. The name is used generally is arab countries to define the young girls }true beauty and allows us to recieve the message that beauty is on both the inside and outside. As well as this Nahid's )p)generally dont care about the opinion of the majority and are very careless never thinking before they act hence why the like to get in so many arguments. Dont double cross a Nahid.
Is that Nahid Omg we should stay away
Oo she cute
Did you hear about that fight between Nahid and ....
by TwilighttGyall October 29, 2018
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Smart and ambitious guy though that's not the first thing you notice when you meet him. The first thing you notice is how funny he is and the care he puts into to have everyone involved in joke and laughter. Instinctively he sees the voice in the 'voiceless' and puts them on a pedestal so that other can see too. Quite disciplined, even at a young age, a quality which causes him to be very successful and athletic. A very motivating and productive guy to work beside, though he'll quickly impress and move up the ranks. Despite this he won't forget, or be ashamed of, where he has come from and the people he met and has been blessed by. An incomparable guy that needs a gem of a girl as his bestfriend and partner. Not to say he's not perfectly capable of standing on his own to feet.
You have Nahid in your class? Lucky!
by May 25, 2018
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a self absorbed metrosexual who, while growing comfortable with the pole in his ass, has decided to make his life's work a plug for 'Queer Eye'.
O my god! That guy is such a Nahid
by Amazonz April 13, 2005
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A very handsome and good looking sexy man. He likes Spanish girls with big behinds. A lot of girls like him. he is neither a player or a cheater. He is not into any of them stuff though. He is a world class baller.
HA I wisha I was was a nahid
by jkslvbKHVVB67UYQJHM,C February 21, 2019
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