An individual that habitually one ups any story told, often referring back to previous experiences. These experiences are usually false, however can contain a hint of the truth. The stories are very frequent around females. When a story is one upped by two or more people, a Nah Dude fest occurs.
Can also be used as a verb: to nah dude
One up; top a story
Kid: "I ate 3 burritos at lunch today, I was so hungry."
Nah Dude: "Nah dude in my high school, I ate 5 burritos, and had dessert!"
by Hamburglar123456 November 13, 2009
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To reject, turn down or say no way in a KDAP$ situation.
Guy walks up to you at the bar.

Look him up and down and say "Nah dude".

(p.s. that doesn't mean come closer to me)
by kdap$ July 16, 2010
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To "nah dude" is to dismiss another quickly and efficiently. No further statement of clarification is necessary once one has been "nah duded." They should know why.

Example 1: My mom was all like "do the dishes" so I nah duded her:

Mom: Do the dishes
Me: Nah dude.

Example 2: My philosophy professor asked me if the ends justified the means so I had to nah dude him

Me: Nah dude.

Example 3:

Friend 1: Hey, you want to go to Jimmy John's and get a lettuce wrap?
Friend 2: Nah dude.
by nah duder February 6, 2009
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Elaborating on the term, nah dude. This term can be used in disagreement with any question or statement. Usually used in a chill tone of voice, relaxed.
Girlfriend: Twilight is the best movie ever!
Boyfriend: Nah dude, nah

Friend 1: Hey did you fuck that fat chick?
Friend 2: Nah dude, nah
by prestidigitation5054 February 17, 2009
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A kind of gentleman who lives to work out and party. Normally Nah Dudes sustain themselves on a diet of cottage cheese and protein powder. The name comes from their constant usage of "nah, dude" in conversation, such as "Yo broseph, did you bring that skank from the party home last night?" "Nah, dude. I had to pick up more cottage cheese and lift stuff instead."
"My roommate gets up at six each morning and works out before class. He then works out again after class. Dinner is normally steak and cottage cheese."

"Sounds like you're living with a total Nah Dude."
by Refridgerator May 6, 2008
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Common expression of disagreement from a shitfacedindividual on their current level of shitfacedness.
Guy 1: You sure you can drive? You're pretty drunk, you can't even walk!

Guy 2: Nah dude I'm fine. *pukes in Guy 1's lap*

Guy 1: Fuckin drunktard...
by st1kypalmz December 12, 2009
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