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A very macho, strong like bull, stamina like a black stallion, owl wise, cool, Brad Pitt lookalike and kind hearted
That Spartan is Naguib strong.
by King mambuku May 25, 2011
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Naguib is usually a person that has both male and female reproductive parts. Naguib is a pussy and does not participate in fights. He would much rather have something hard and wet in his mouth. Naguib usually spends his days masturbating to pictures of his own mother and usually molests young children when they sleep. If you ever meet a Naguib, sometimes called by the name of "Guigo", run away.
Man 1: I think that guy may be a Naguib dude.

Man 2: Of course he is, he made his penis look like a toy snake and made the children in the playground play with it !
by zeby_akbar February 11, 2018
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