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The dwaft one, although she's the most prettiest girl in whole world and is very very very very very beautiful. Despite her weird habits she's a very trustworthy person however her laugh can be extremely dangerous to people with sensitive ears. She is well known for how depressed she looks in her quite mode and her xl ass which is loved extremely by the boys. She is also a sunglasses lover❤ yet sometimes she can make fool of herself yet is a very committed person and 100% focus in life
Don't be good be nafeesa
by Emble August 01, 2016
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A woman who is valuable, precious and desired! She is beautiful, but be careful because you must compete for a Nafeesa! She is one who means well. Hold onto a Nafeesa.

You must be thankful to have a Nafeesa.

See Nafisa
That's unique like Nafeesa!
by itiswhatitis. May 19, 2019
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