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Nadia will be one of the funniest,craziest,most loving person you will ever meet.But dont get on her bad side because she is not afraid to tell you out in front of everyody.She protects her friends,like there her blood.Shes super dramatic but the toughest person ever.She will easily fuck u up so be careful.
I miss Nadia.
by Lol_0 April 22, 2017
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The most amazing girl you could ever come across. She is sweet, kind hearted and down to earth. She always tries to make people laugh and smile even when she is feeling down, although you'll never know she's down because she puts on a brave face. She may be shy at first but once she opens up she is one of the best friends or girlfriend you could have. She will never intentionally hurt anybody and she can never hold a grudge. If you do a Nadia wrong, chances are she will forgive you. It would be stupid to do her wrong though because it's hard to find anyone else like Nadia. Nadia's are keepers. They are beautiful, with thick dark hair and big brown eyes that make you weak at your knees.
That Nadia is a real looker.
by mosh pit March 06, 2017
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A very smart and kind girl. Very nice. Always there for you no matter what. Very fun to talk to. If your friends with a Nadia, you are the luckiest person in the world.
She's such a Nadia, which is why I love her Livia
by Uknowwho October 20, 2013
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Nadia is a very nice sister, beautiful, she is very popular and sometimes very fresh, she can act very mean at times nut then after a while will come and pick you up and love you and cherish you to the fullest.
Skye: That has to be a Nadia, I'm serious she is beautiful and fresh too.
by Thebeautiful May 28, 2014
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A beautiful, sweet, kind, loving girl who is all about peace. She is a best friend, daughter, sister, mother, cousin and much more! Nadia wants everyone happy.
Nadia would always want to give you the best advice.

I miss my Nadia.
by Leavethepast April 09, 2013
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noun; meaning beautiful and stunning. Very sweet and caring girl. Often popular and has a lot of friends.
Nadia is soooo hot!
by chonqa June 07, 2007
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Noun; meaning a very beautiful and stunning girl. She is also very caring, smart, and the best loser buddy anyone can ask for.
Nadia is the best!
by Loser buddy! September 18, 2016
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