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Someone who know what she want in her life. Who didn't take care of what people say and someone who waiting for the right time to take revenge. Someone who can smile brightly but inside she is so lonely.
by Azdd December 29, 2017
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Nabilah- meaning worthy of love in latin. amazingly beautful, but she dosent know it. she has a wonderful personality but thinks differently. around friends she is vary outgoing. but in crouds and around
people she dosent know she is vary shy. she is vary emotional. you will be lucky to have her as a friend for she is vary loyal and trustworthy. you are ether on her good side or on her bad side. there are few peolpe she dosent like. but she can
make there lives hell if she wants to. she trys to help everybody, and will give you any advice she can if you need it. she will tell you things you need to hear, and it dosent matter if you wanna hear it or not. she has many admirers but dosent know it. if your lucky enugh to be with her, dont screw it up. the feeling she has for anybody will last no matter what. but theres no telling when they will fade. she loves with all her heart. dont loose her.
#bella #bilah #love #loyal #pretty
Nabilah amazingly beautiful
#mandy #manda #love #loyal #sexy
by zzaa April 23, 2018
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Nabilah, Nabilah, wherefore art thou a frend of Her! Deny that friendship, come to me! I Love you Nabilah, Marry Me!
Nabilah, a teardrop on the cheek of time.
by Gary February 24, 2004
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Sexy kuri, attends woodford county. Suffers from mammory-deficiancy syndrome. Please e-mail in for details on how to donate to cure this terrible terrible condition.
Nabilah was sad because the doctor said she needed more money.
by Anish February 24, 2004
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