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The spirit who makes Peter Pan want to grow up. When you are with a Naama, it’s imperative to remind yourself that this is an actual person. They have the past behind them, a future ahead of them, and a presence in the current. Naama may feel like the personification of the divine but they are also a human being. Remember to treat them not only with love but with empathy, honesty, and respect or else, they'll scratch the flakes of your flesh and use it as salt.
This person I know might be a Naama. She beats my heart like a drum.
by craybae April 25, 2017
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The most amazing girl you will ever meet, if you know a Naama never let her go. She will always end up making you happy no matter what mood you're in. She gives the best advice you will ever ask for. Naama is amazing at sports, dancing, and pretty much everything else she does too. She's funny, beautiful, athletic, and just the best person to be around. You can't ask for any more than a Naama. Let her love you, love her even more, you won't regret it. She may not be perfect, but she's as close as you'll get and trust me, she will be perfect to you.
Bro 1: Yo, who's that beauty over there?

Bro 2: Naama

Bro 1: Of course, how didn't I know that?
by 2bears December 30, 2012
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A very intelligent, incredibly beautiful, always adorable (Except with a beard), skinny, loving and funny young lady who is very talented at baking and who developes amazing motherly instincts at a young age.
The longer you're with a Na'ama, the longer you realise how much you need them.
by Byzi McGowan April 20, 2018
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A kind, caring person that enjoys having a good time but generally has problems picking the right guys. She often has a guy best friend that's not gay. She loves to give advice to people and is great at it. Whenever you find a Naama, be sure to make her your friend, as she will be one of the best you will ever have.
Girl 1: Why is she crying?

Girl 2: She's such a Naama, that guy just dumped her.

Girl 1: Why did she pick him? He's such an asshole.
by brothersbutler January 14, 2011
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To sympathise with someone.
And/or to make light of a situation.

Mothers, as we all know, are very important people. It is derived from an Indian language - a traditional way of saying "No Mum!". In the case of this saying, "Mum"/"Ma" is in place of the person's name, who is being sympathised with. To signify at the time of the person's annoyance/irritation/upse tness they are the most important person around.

The antonym to this phrase is "Haa Ma!"
Nancy is upset as she does not receive a text from her boyfriend, so Shannon says "Naa Ma!" to show she understands her feelings and is there for her.
by nishnosh April 13, 2008
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A magical little creature that loves knocking on drums in the day and runs around the forest at night waking all the animals up with her Kazoo. While she can create many wonderful things out of seemingly nothing, if you call her Namaa she will snap.
Hey! Did you see how that Namaa hopped on to that tree? Oops, I meant Naama.
by ChineseTea December 13, 2015
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