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Not Safe For Tumblr - Since Tumblr has banned all adult content.
*le boob*
"Stop, that female presenting nipple is NSFT"
by RIP_Tumblr December 12, 2018
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NSFT: Not Safe For Twitter. When a subject you want to tweet about is too inapropriate for your followers.
Guy: I wanted to tweet about the things i was doing to this chick last night but it was totally NSFT.
by walkofdoom December 14, 2010
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Acronym meaning "Not Safe For This Site", which means that the content that it is directed towards is not appropriate for posting on a website or forum within due to content regulations.
(In the case of a forum, say a children's literature forum) Dude, that porn link is NSFTS.
by Da Rabid Duckie October 25, 2006
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