OG used to mean Original Gangster allthough some poeple these days use OG as a quicker way of saying Original
Oh man that was so og what you did back there
by Saxo_Broko August 16, 2016
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Meaning Original Email to an account for sales.
by Static#9613 October 20, 2020
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Acronym for original gangster. Means you have a classic style or stay with the older ways instead of newer.
Mr. Pollard is an OG because of his style and manner.
by MDMBoss777 November 17, 2015
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OG or original gangsta, someone who has been in a street gang for a long time or is a very high rank member

He has been in the gang for 3 days
by pseudonym ツ October 21, 2020
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Original Geek refers to people who are geeks who have been in tech & computers for decades; much longer than it has been trendy.
My brother is an OG*, an Original Geek, because he's been working with computers since the late 70's!
by Damiana00 March 17, 2021
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