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Among the nation’s top tier of national research universities offering a range of undergraduate majors and master's and doctoral degrees. NJIT is now ranked 115 among the nation’s best national universities. Every year for the past five years, NJIT has increased its ranking on this widely-read assessment of the nation’s colleges and universities.
U.S. News & World Report’s 2010 Annual Guide to America’s Best Colleges has named NJIT among the nation’s top university.
by Doing Buisness January 09, 2010
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A tech institute located in beautiful downtown Newark, but not to be confused with real college. It is nothing but a multi-cultural sausage fest gang bang with a 1:10 female to male ratio. I've seen better parties in high school. DO NOT COME HERE.
person 1: i goto njit
person 2: wow that really blows
by njitmayne October 10, 2005
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NJIT (pronounced nuh-jitt) is an adjective, based on the Newark based university, taken to be the scientific antonym of legit (short for legitimate). Generally meant as a form of considerable contempt for something or descriptive of overall bad quality, pointlessness, etc. This appears to have spawned from the college's various detrimental attributes, ranging anywhere from the 5:1 male to female ratio, to the evident obligatory demonic contracts employed by the registrar and financial aid offices. Often spelled out phonetically to ensure proper meaning. May rarely be extended to njitimate (or nuhjitimate) to match the full length of it's antonym.

A - "Man that math test was totally njit"

B - "Almost as nuhjit as the rest of the school..."
by YouWouldBeThatGuy April 03, 2011
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