Nicest is like the best and most "nice" thing or person you can get. If someone is the nicest, they are the most kind and loving person in the world. If something is the nicest, it is the best and the most satisfactory thing you can find. Its a very simple term that can mean a whole lot.
Girl 1: Dayum girl! Those jeans are the nicest!
Girl 2: Totally! I got them on sale at (insert great brand here)! So comfy and stylish!


Guy 1: Yo man. Did you see her! Abby is the nicest person in the world!
Guy 2: Yea bro. She totally is the best!
by DatGuyTho February 20, 2015
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Some guy thats a total dick to most people but can sorta care sometimes about certain people.
Yo that Zac guy is the nicest asshole I’ve ever met”
I don’t know man he just seems like a dick to me”
by suicidalpurpleman November 30, 2018
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A girl that is irresistably sexy.
That girl Mary is thy-nicest!
by Adrian November 05, 2004
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Guy 1: Dude, I got my paycheck today! They accedentally added another zero!
Guy 2: The nicest own
by tehnicestown March 19, 2008
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Elijah tipping is officially the nicest person in the world he is so amazing and appreciates everyone around him he is also bum fucking gabe
by The big secy man (harry) April 10, 2021
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A guy who cares and is kind to everyone, may have had problems with being a faggot in the past but became really nice which makes him even nicer, common names of nicest guys ever are Thoren, Nathan and danny
Person 1: he's was such a faggot
Person 2: no Thoren is so nice now
Person1: he must the nicest guy ever
by lexi381118 August 19, 2014
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