Stands for Neighbor Hood Crips
In South Central LA

60's 90's 55's 57's 47 crips ders more i jus cant remember
Dem slob ass niggas from jungles got jumped by all da NHC's
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The No-Homo Coalition (NHC) is a club designed to bring brothers together and protect the integrity of those who engage in sexual acts with other individuals of the same sex. Prior protections for these acts have included stating the phrase, "No homo," a very homophobic and insensitive statement. As a result of these offensive phrases, the NHC was born. The NHC provides many services including club meetings across the world, education to underserved populations, and protective kits (e.g., NHC condoms, NHC medallions). Without the NHC, individuals across the world would be living without necessary protection and guidance. The NHC also provides mentorship of the NHC handbook and constitution through NHC regional groups.
Mike: "Bro, so I was banging this dude (Big r) last night and it was actually very enjoyable!"
Antonio: "uhh..(as he reaches for the door of the car traveling 80 MPH), but did you say anything?"
Mike: "Oh, brother! Did I mention I was wearing my NHC medallion?!"
Antonio: "Oh, thank god! You're covered!"
Mike: "I can understand your concern. Where would we be without the NHC?!"
by the praying mantis69 December 20, 2019
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Neighborhood/Nayborhood Crips or N-Hood Crips. A group of Crip sets in South Central Los Angeles. The most popular is the 50s NHC, because they have an internet famous member known as Crip Mac Da Locc. NHC consists of 40s to 100s blocks N-Hood Crips.
C Macc Da Locc is one respectable NHC locc/banger.
by nayborhood_trevor March 6, 2022
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Beasts of the Middle East. Situated in downtown Abu Dhabi. It is compromised of legends only. The group is extremely selective of its applicants; usually only the elite are allowed into their domain;moreover, they are in fact lit like bic. They also are notorious for driving cars without brakes.
Man I wish I get accepted into Naughty Hellfire Club (NHC).
by SuperDuperPanda March 24, 2016
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