Tiny Loc Crip Mac is a hood celebrity, a shiny niccel from 55th Street NHC on the West Side of South Central, Los Angeles. You 5 me?

Crip Mac da Loc is a gangster with a bluetiful heart, who gives bacc 5 the community, feeds the homeless on Skid Row in Downtown L.A., hands out clothes, etc. He loves Popeyes chiccen, Crip juice and always has Old English beer on decc, on HOOD. He does no custer thangs, and always ceeps it 55th Street no matter what. He's also a rapper, has a very distinctive 55th Street Crip vocabulary and voice, on hoodstas. He does his Program Time 5 every morning, makes YouTube videos often, loves the number 5 and he really loves big booty citches, on HOOD. He is a good niccel, you 5 me?

His front tooth got knocced out in L.A. County jail catching multiple fades bacc 5 bacc, and lost it in the hole by a swole, old head Brim. He has a giant eye buster stamped on his forehead that says, "HOOVAH KILLA", with the H whacced out because he is really about that HK destruction.

Crip Mac is really who he is, a Crip from 55th Street and he ain't playing, on HOOD.
Cuh 1: Ayy cuz, is that Crip Mac posted up right there on 55th Street doing tha western wiggle wit tha 5 on his head, cuh??
Cuh 5: Lemme see, cuz... oh ye, where cuh from again?!?

Cuh 1: 55th Street, fool!!
Cuh 5: Ye, pull up, cuh!

Crip Mac: Snello!! Top of the morning, cuh. I'm just ceeping it 55th Street, on hoodstas! Never commit suicide, everythang gon C alright, on hood!! Drinc plenty of water, cuh, on hood!! Listen 5 Crip Mac, I am snoo I am, on hood! Custerson White, he a custer, on hoodstas!! I give bacc 5 the community. It's the Mac, citch, and I'm bouta attacc, on any snubble, this 55th Street. You 5 me?! I'm just ceeping it 55th Street, on HOOD!!
by BigBadWestCoastHead November 27, 2021
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The most internet famous 55th street crip. He loves the blue Calypso lemonade and Seagram's gin. He love big bluetiful citches. He has a step son he calls Fat Hood. He has driver that is a lady crip named Lupe who has a son called Isaac Mac, he has no relation to Crip Mac. They all do the western wiggle, the unofficial favorite dance of the 55th Street Neighborhood Crips. Crip Mac is rapper, that has many tracks on YouTube and Soundcloud. He is a heavy user of Instagram. He is featured in Lupe's Instagram posts/stories from time to time. He is also on Lupe's Tik Toks and Clubhouse rooms from time to time. He has been featured on many podcasts, the biggest and best one he has been a guest on is No Jumper. His friends Lupe, Coach Warren, and Crip Jesus have also been on this glorious podcast called no Jumper. He has also been featured on Andrew Callaghan's Channel 5 News YouTube channel.
Hey bro, do you listen to Crip Mac from 55th street crips? Dude he is the coldest, you totally should listen to the best from the five five.
by malcmilk March 29, 2022
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