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The S Cubed or S to the third power is when a female provides oral sex to a man. It stands for suckity suck suck. This phrase can be utilized when sensitive parties are around in order to ask if a male received the crucial suck. Every male prays every night that his homies will receive the S Cubed.
Nick: "What's good bro? How'd the date with Priscilla go?"
Big R: "It was chill man. Nothing really wild."
Nick: "Well did you get the S Cubed?!"
Big R: "C'mon man. You're asking a space entity if I got the crucial suck? Of course, I did!"
Nick: "That's what's up bro!"
by the praying mantis69 March 11, 2022
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Slick stands for slim thick which means you're big boned but not far.
Damn she's slick!
by the praying mantis69 April 13, 2022
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The No-Homo Coalition (NHC) is a club designed to bring brothers together and protect the integrity of those who engage in sexual acts with other individuals of the same sex. Prior protections for these acts have included stating the phrase, "No homo," a very homophobic and insensitive statement. As a result of these offensive phrases, the NHC was born. The NHC provides many services including club meetings across the world, education to underserved populations, and protective kits (e.g., NHC condoms, NHC medallions). Without the NHC, individuals across the world would be living without necessary protection and guidance. The NHC also provides mentorship of the NHC handbook and constitution through NHC regional groups.
Mike: "Bro, so I was banging this dude (Big r) last night and it was actually very enjoyable!"
Antonio: "uhh..(as he reaches for the door of the car traveling 80 MPH), but did you say anything?"
Mike: "Oh, brother! Did I mention I was wearing my NHC medallion?!"
Antonio: "Oh, thank god! You're covered!"
Mike: "I can understand your concern. Where would we be without the NHC?!"
by the praying mantis69 December 20, 2019
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