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No gash mans or No gash mandem, and people that cannot draw gash.
They are mans that try so hard at clubs, pubs and many other social places, but still get no GASH!!
R.V: yo, you wanna go oceana tonight

Gurm: whats the point, your a proper NGM anyway!!
by Jenal Shah November 30, 2008
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The best weather forecasting computer model from the 1980's-1990's. While the GFS and ETA would be off sipping tea on some trade wind, NGM rolled up his coarse calculus sleeves and resolved the biggest and baddest storms! No one could ever fathom, for even one second, of surpassing the accuracy of it's forbidden dance with the primitive equations. NGM had been lonely, wandering the cold, dry jet stream for years; until one day it crossed paths with the sultry temperature forecasts! Finally they would join in beautiful consensus, and lovingly forecast for years to come. Then the evil WRF corrupted NCEP into unplugging NGM, making it spasm, spewing all it's macrophysical genius down the drain. But wait ... a new light shines as rumors lurk that a 768-hour, 24-member NGM will soon crunch again...
"Guys hurry up and finish your forecast! ... Yo Nikolai what the hell is this? Mostly Cloudy...? Didn't you see the RUC says scattered showers and thunderstorms..?"

"No NGM will lead us to verification, yes yes - de RUC is pointless!"

"Uh no you need to chan"--"No! Todd said to use NGM!"
by Captain Meteo April 01, 2013
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A clan that consists of the coolest people on Earth. Only the NGM members know what the sacred letters stand for. These NGMers claim that it stands for "National Government Municipality" but detectives all over the world are skeptic. It is rumored that a majority of the clan, including the clan leader, the sys admin, and the secretary of war, are undercover, attending BCA. It is also rumored that the ultimate goal of NGM is world domination. Due to the overwhelming success of the clan missions, a huge number of new recruits have been wanting to join, so NGM is said to have formed an admissions council, going under the acronym "LDX." Only the highest ranked NGM members are in LDX, and not even the regular NGMers know what LDX stands for.

The current LDX administrative council supposedly conists of:
Lithium - Clan Leader
™3.14159265 - Sys. Admin.
Choad - Choadz Admin
Stalin - Secretary of War
Person #1: "OH SNAP! Australia's missing!"
Person #2: "Dang, NGM is at it again."

Noob #1: "z0MG LAWL C@N I PL3@se j01n NGM lyk ROTFLMFAOMFGGLAWLXDDD!!?/1"
NGM Member: "Wear a cup." (deals some permanent damage Noob #1's pelvic area)
Noob #1: "Ow."
NGM Member: (escapes stealthily)
by NGM April 18, 2006
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Someone Whos is a NGM is a; Non Good Mate, and there actions towards there friends are not exceptable.
Stefan Dantiocchia is Mouse thats NGM(s) his friends for a kick, and frequently sniff's out cheese.
by GUNS180sx April 02, 2007
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