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Used primarily on message boards after a catchy title which usually says all you really need to say, so in the text box you simply put nft, thereby implying you've got nothing further to say and it's great when your letting off steam.
MESSAGE BOARD TITLE: george bush is a cunt

by izi January 14, 2006
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A “Non-fungible token” (non = not, fungible = interchangeable, token = voucher). NFTs are distinct, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items from virtual real estate to cherished moments in NBA history.

In other words, owning an NFT is owning a piece of the internet. Some examples:

“Nyan Cat,” the decade-old rainbow cat meme, sold for about $580,000 last week.
The value of my grumpy cat NFT is blowing up.
by 4way pen February 25, 2021
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Something only someone with brain damage would buy.
Dumbass: I bought an NFT for $90K!
Intellect: I don't think we should be friends anymore.
by Lil' Sephy November 23, 2021
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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are jpegs that you can buy online for real world money. Not only are they scams, but they destroy the environment. Every transaction made uses up 48.14 kilowatt hours of power.
NFT Bro: "Hey guys, I just got this ultra-rare shitting ape NFT for 20 ETH!"

NFT Hater: "Thats cool, but I got this one for free." (Screenshot of NFT worth thousands of dollars)

NFT Bro: "Dude, delete that screenshot!"

Do not buy NFTs.
by fridgewater December 1, 2021
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Person 1: "Hey, did you know that some people are paying for NFT's of Melania Trump's eyes?
Person 2: "tf is an nft"
Person 1: "i don't fuckin know lmao"
by local_bitchboy January 7, 2022
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This is another abbreviation for Nice F*cking T*ts
What’s an NFT?

Nice F*cking T*ts
by Mudbonic plague December 22, 2021
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