NALT is a term coined by sex advice columnist and progressive activist Dan Savage that stands for "Not All Like That." It refers to those Christians (or presumably members of other groups) who make whispered apologies for others of their ilk with whom they say they disagree, and who they say do not speak for them. Their protest is that although, for instance, fundamentalist Christians who consider homosexuality an abomination and a sin gather a lot of attention, that not ALL Christians actually feel that way.

(Savage's contention is that these people should spend less time telling HIM that "not all Christians" think that way, and instead tell the pope, or tell people like Tony Perkins, who say they're acting as mouthpieces of the faithful.)
"Christians believe that allowing same-sex couples to marry would destroy the very fabric of society." A NALT Christian is someone who disagrees with this, and quietly explains that, hey, "We're Not All Like That."
by bleepblorpbleep November 4, 2011
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Not All Like That.

adj. indicates an individual or group of individuals who do not conform to the stereotypical beliefs or behaviors attributed to a larger group of people.

Coined by Dan Savage's in his column "Savage Love" to describe socially liberal Christians.
NALT Christian: someone who insists that not all Christians conform to the stereotype of being homophobic, creationist, and socially conservative.
by wingedkat October 10, 2011
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Something or someone who is particularly dirty. Can also be described as nalty, or a bastard.
Look at that chick, shes a nalt of a scalt.
by dfjgdfjkfjkdf May 10, 2011
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someone who dresses alternative has high opinion of themself takes drugs for confidence is obsessed with popularity and there status in life but is as negative and self obsessed as a normal person
that girl in that band dresses the part but the way shes thinks isnt alternative atall always comparing her self to others is twofaced lies and stinks of jelousy and thinks everyones after her bitch of a boyfriend..and taking drugs for confidence *shakes head* shes such a nalt-er-native i pity her
by cyanidesmile June 7, 2010
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Slang for crystal methamphrtamine. Nalt’s term originating from a mixture of Music producer/Dj N3DNARB and salt. For he had an entire salt crusher filled full of crystal meth to dispense fully crushed crystal meth into a fine powder line he could then sniff on spot.
Lay me out a fat line of that Nalt pal!
by CerealBeforeMilk April 26, 2018
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