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Slang for crystal methamphrtamine. Nalt’s term originating from a mixture of Music producer/Dj N3DNARB and salt. For he had an entire salt crusher filled full of crystal meth to dispense fully crushed crystal meth into a fine powder line he could then sniff on spot.
Lay me out a fat line of that Nalt pal!
by CerealBeforeMilk April 26, 2018
To pour your milk first when making a bowl of cereal. This is usually how to tell someone is an undercover cop or civilian informant.
Don't fucks with that guy. Word on the streets is he's a Cereal Second Guy.
by CerealBeforeMilk April 2, 2018
One who pours milk into bowl before the cereal. Also sure sign someone is a cop.
Heard Chris was a cereal second guy, not really surprising considering all the trouble he got out of after the bust.
by CerealBeforeMilk April 26, 2018