- No Name Noob

Someone who is new to an online video game and thinks they're the best, oblivious to the fact that they actually suck. Will call anyone a noob, even though they are actually a noob themselves

N3:"oMg iMa PwNz ALLz y0Uz n00bRz, iM tH3 0wn4g3"
Normal Guy: "No"
N3: "o y3a, i'LL t0TaLLy rAp3 yoU oNLin3"
Normal Guy: "LMAO this guy is such an N3"
by .PiCe.NuSSy. May 23, 2008
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"No Name Noob" originated from MGO, and is used to identify scrub players.
ProPlayer: Yo who's this kid talking sh*t?

ProPlayer2: I don't know, some random n3 I guess.
by ZodiacKiller August 2, 2015
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A text abbreviation for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phone, also known as the 'Nexus 3'.
I own HTC's N1 right now, but didn't feel like upgrading to the NS was worth it, but the tech specs on the N3 are amazing! I'm definitely getting it!
by Cold Muffins October 19, 2011
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An NS player who finds it difficult to give players med packs.
Damn your almost as bad as N3 when it comes to medding.
by teh_whore April 6, 2005
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An abberivated name for Ninety-Nine-Nights a game for the Xbox360
by Yoshimitsu August 30, 2006
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Another form of OWN3D.
To conquer someone with overwhelming awesomeness.
*Guy1 destroys Guy2 in Counter Strike*
Guy1: "()\/\/N3|)"
by Vic Shelick April 8, 2003
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a noob who any noob can own
damn ur almost as bad as n3
by Guess Who X2 March 25, 2004
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