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N0valyfe is the username of the best player to ever playRunescape. Often compared with Zezima the current #1 on the high scores (December 13th 2007), N0valyfe started playing 2 years after Zezima, and still passed him in total experiance and levels, afterwhich retired from the game. To this day he still has the 4th highest experiance total of over 730million. Many rumors are about that say he is a 40 year old man or even a woman, but in reality he is a Male Named Jordan and is not nearly that old.
player1: Zezima is unpassable!
player2: N0valyfe did it in less than half the time zezima's been playing.
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Not much known, but he/she was right behind Zezima for a while, then was #1 for a couple days, but ATM, is ranked 36. He/she maxed out cooking and fletching, and is ranked 2 in both.
N0valyfe's hunting lvl isn't even ranked. Probably quit rs.
by WeAllHate Z November 29, 2006
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N0valyfe is number 2 in the runescape high scores along with zezima. Not much is known about him/her. when the new construction skill came out he/she beat zezima to lvl 99. yet when zezima got there he/she was back in first. I do not know how this happened or why JagEx put zezima back at the top.
person1: Zezima owns all you noobs.
person2: NO N0VALYFE OWNS.
Person3: how about you all shut up and finish fishing, they could kick both your asses
by Xerozemus September 15, 2006
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