when your dark mate is being a little bitch and they need to be knocked down a peg or two.
dark mate: I had 4 baby ginnys yday and didn't yack once
peng mates: N down son
peng mates: N down
by Krispy Kreme :) October 10, 2019
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Down N' Out is an equivalent to a One night stand in which you have sexual intercourse with someone only for one time, and never talk to that partner ever again. Some synonyms are quickie, hook-up, hit it and quit it, and one nighter.
You: Oh no, there she is..
Friend: Who?
You: The girl i banged.
Friend: Why don't you say hi?
You: Man I can't, i went Down N' Out with that.
by Prazzo July 16, 2009
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when a creepy guy buys u a drink n u rly dont wanna spend time wif him u "down 'n dash". meaning down ur drink n make an excuse 2 get outa there quick.
that old guy just brought me a drink...
dont hang round him honney, down 'n dash!
by monty241 January 20, 2008
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