A company aligned with the forces of darkness and evil. They have created a once highly enjoyable video game, Dark Age of Camelot, only to destroy it by future expansions driven by greed. These expansions are released only to destroy the very core of the game at the expense of the emotions and psyche of the people who pay them money. The main reason of these expansions is to get people to pay $39.95 for the latest overpowered items and classes in the game. This is highly unneccessary on Mythic's part, as they could charge a 39.95 yearly in addition to their monthly fee and people would pay that gladly to play a kickass game. The people who are directly responsible for the creation of these expansions will likely burn in the fiery depths of Hell for their sins against its devout playerbase.
I had to quit playing Dark Age of Camelot because Mythic Entertainment keeps fucking its game up with these stupid ass expansions. Not only are the abilities, items, and classes wildly overpowered. The timesink required to get these things makes it not worth playing imo.

-- Styxx, IPK cluster
by screw hibernia June 23, 2005
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An evil corporation dedicated to making their game, Dark Age of Camelot less and less enjoyable every patch/expansion.
"Man, Mythic Entertainment really fucked up when they made Trials of Atlantis"
by Holylife, Iseult March 20, 2004
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Mythic is a small Game company which first came out with some fairly cool at the time games back around 1996, they were small time, and werent Some Big shot company at first, and still they arent that big, then came out with a hit, Dark Age of Camelot, which is an MMRPG that is played online. Basically the story goes king Aurther has died, and the Norse of one Realm are attacking the Celts at another Realm against Aurthur's Home realm. Very cool game if you have the time to put into it. Many expansions have come out, and some people say that the game has become less and less fun with new expansions, but for the most part, the game is One of the Finest MMORPGS out there. Its a Bitter Rival of World of Warcraft. Mythic is now Starting concepts of it's next game which sets place in an alternate Earth where Rome never fell, and it is set in the future, not much more is known about it, probably at least 2 years away.
I cannot wait to see Mythic Enterainment at the E3 game convention.
by David March 15, 2005
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a crappy games company that enjoys the fruits of my exploits and used to entertain many of my bored weekends
wow - beanz hacked mage's scoreboards again - that leads me to believe he may in fact be some sort of superman
by Pins March 18, 2005
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