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One of the three realms in Mythic Entertainment's Dark Age of Camelot. This realm is made up of a bunch of whiners and crybabies who act like they are underpowered, when in all reality they have cheesiest realm in all of DAOC. They also hate Albion, and seem to enjoy teaming up with there secret cohorts in Midgard (another DAOC realm, also overpowered.) They wage a vicious psychological war against Albion on the VN boards, trying to convince the Albs that THEY are overpowered, and need to break up the almighty Albtron and run l33t 8 man gank groups. Albion should be wise and ignore their posting of rubbish and zerg the shit out of them.
Mythic employees play Hibernia because they are so overpowered.
by screw hibernia June 23, 2005
A company aligned with the forces of darkness and evil. They have created a once highly enjoyable video game, Dark Age of Camelot, only to destroy it by future expansions driven by greed. These expansions are released only to destroy the very core of the game at the expense of the emotions and psyche of the people who pay them money. The main reason of these expansions is to get people to pay $39.95 for the latest overpowered items and classes in the game. This is highly unneccessary on Mythic's part, as they could charge a 39.95 yearly in addition to their monthly fee and people would pay that gladly to play a kickass game. The people who are directly responsible for the creation of these expansions will likely burn in the fiery depths of Hell for their sins against its devout playerbase.
I had to quit playing Dark Age of Camelot because Mythic Entertainment keeps fucking its game up with these stupid ass expansions. Not only are the abilities, items, and classes wildly overpowered. The timesink required to get these things makes it not worth playing imo.

-- Styxx, IPK cluster
by screw hibernia June 23, 2005
The mighest zerg in all of Mythic Entertainment's Dark Age of Camelot. Albtron hails from the realm of Albion, and its formation is highly unpredictable. The Albtron is composed mainly of Team Warder, and because of Albion's lack utility in its classes, has been known to move at a very slow rate of speed. Despite this Albtron cannot be defeated on the battlefield. What Albtron wants Albtron gets. Albtron is almost always followed by a bunch of mass postings on the VN boards, the spot where the other two realms (Hibernia and Midguard) fight a vicious psychological war against the realm of Albion, which usually causes Albtron to receed into a dormant state.
Albtron formed last night and now Albion havs all the relics.
by screw hibernia June 23, 2005
One of the three realms in Mythic Entertainment's Dark Age of Camelot. Midgard is made up of extremely overpowered classes. 3 out of 4 Midgard casters have a 'lifetap' ability, that makes them extremely effective in 1 vs 1 combat. They are often extremely reclusive in nature preferring to stay on their own continent instead of waging a war against the other two realms. A survey recently conducted suggest that 95% of all Midgard has never ventured past the North Sea, preferring instead to stay around the Bledmeer Bridge region. The other 5% has been reported to take advantage of the fact that Midgard has extremely overpowered classes and form very deadly l33t 8 man gank groups. Despite the fact that they're highly overpowered, the majority of people do no play Midgard. The land is very bleak and they have small huts that appear to be made of straw and sticks. Also the races are very ugly, infact the only one that looks cool is the Norseman.
Even though I'd like to play Midgard and whip everyones ass, I can't stand it because of all the ugly ass female trolls.
by screw hibernia June 23, 2005