An expansion of the MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. While DAOC was good by itself, Mythic had to go and made TOA which pulls all the level 50's all over the place and makes them go on stupid raids for Master Levels that aren't even worth it in the first place. The only good thing about that expansion are artifacts, which take forever to level.
Why couldn't they skip TOA and just go on to New Frontiers...
by alb December 29, 2005
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Mythic Entertaiment's way of making alot of money on the second expansion of a sinking game.

Gets already addicted players involved into wild goose chases in water filled lands to kill monsters that only spawn once every 14 hours and takes 16 people to kill.

Just to strip all abilities gained by these methods with the addition of their next game patch.
omg TOA zuxorz. Mythic totally screwed us with TOA and patch 1.68
by Sneak-Sneak February 18, 2004
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