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A Mysta is mystery. A Mysta is someone who cares about their frnds more then anyone and will do anything and everything for them. A Mysta is sexy, hot, badass, a legend, a great leader, smart, intelligent, athlete and kind but don't take them lightly cuz they can kick your ass if you are rude to them or their frnds. There are times when you need someone to talk to and mysta is that person. A Mysta excels in any thing and everything, no matter what path they chooses they will succeed and prove that they are the Best. Mystas are not easy to find and if you find one become frnds with them as fast as you can bbcause that will be the best thing that will happen in your life.
Person 1: Who is that hot and sexy person, that looks is from a totaly different world ?

Person 2: oh! That's Mysta!
by Just Jerry November 10, 2018
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