A reference to myspace.com when it's not working and keeps throwing errors at you... Which is most of the time.
Yeah, I'd love to watch the video you posted for me but Myspazz is being crappy as usual.
by Cassandra, eater of souls April 20, 2006
A name for myspace.com when you're WAAY too hot to call it by the real name.
"Myspazz- a place for emo kids"
by PrincessSquishy September 8, 2005
..Meaning the website myspace, ALL the scene guys n girlies just have to make up a witty name for it, to make them sound less sad. (actually making them more so)
"smile plzzz guy I just met off the street YOU'RE GUNNA BE ON MYSPAZZ KKTHNKS.X.XO"

"OMFG I have 200 people on Myspazz, I'm so more scene than you, biatch XO.
by Emma March 31, 2005
instead of saying myspace address/URL you say myspazz
R: do you want my myspazz?

L: sure

R:Ok it's myspace.com/{what ever your URL is}

by Rubies February 3, 2007
Another way for some scene or emo kids to refer to MySpace.
Guy: Hey, what you upto?
Girl: Just checking MySpazz.
by hXc-kiddo July 8, 2006