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Someone incredibly funny with awesome improv skills. Talented actress who is amazing at portraying emotion. Usually dark hair and very tan. Someone who is very loyal to her friends and is probably going to do amazing things in life.
I just met Myrandah, and she's probably the coolest person around.
by cowfromouterspace May 21, 2012
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Myrandah is an amazing friend. She is a huge extrovert and is very loud, but can be rather quiet if something personal is bothering her. She always finds space in her heart for new friends, and has so many to love her as well.
Myrandah has so many crushes that just come and go, but she still finds the time to talk about them. She ALWAYS makes up secret nicknames for her crushes or people she wants to talk about without anyone knowing.

Usually a blonde or light brown haired girl, Myrandah is EXTREMELY beautiful but can be insecure about it. She will call anyone beautiful but herself. She has a fabulous personality being loud and proud.
Is that Myrandah over there?? I hear she's is an awesome friend. I'd love to meet her!
by neveragainwillthishappen June 03, 2019
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