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yellow is the person who you are living for.the person who saved your life and the reason for your happiness
He/she is my yellow
by Littlelilac October 27, 2020
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My yellow basically means “your person”, someone who makes you happy and who you cherish
friend: “hey do you know Britney?”
you: “ yeah she’s my yellow
friend: “ what’s yellow?”
you: “someone who’s makes you happy
by luvNata1i3 October 26, 2020
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To be someone’s everything, the reason someone smiles, their favorite person
via giphy
by code name October 25, 2020
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Someone who saved you from yourself, a person who’s your safe place and your biggest adventure at once. Yellow is the person you love the most and you can’t live without.
Person A: you’re My Yellow.
Person B: what does that mean?
Person A: I can’t imagine a live without you anymore
by patriciarht November 09, 2020
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yellow is the person that makes you happy ; you cherish the moments y’all make while together; the person you never knew you needed in your life ... the person you know will be there for you ; i love you yellow
jesus is my yellow
by adriann.a November 04, 2020
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someone who keeps u strong
someone who’s helped u through hard times even when they don’t know :)
u know ur my yellow right?”

“what’s ‘my yellow’ mean?”

“you helped me. i love u.”
by kriss🤰🏽 November 02, 2020
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