The person that you can never seem to let go, no matter how much they hurt you. Someone you can't live without.
"Why do you keep letting him back into your life"

"I dont know, he's my Red. I cant live without him"
by Troykiekie December 9, 2020
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Someone who you are inexplicably drawn to. It's like fate has tied you to them and you can't let them go even when you try. Your relationship with them is intense and undeniable.
"I hate him but I can't let him go. He's My Red"
by Troykiekie December 9, 2020
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A person who is your best friend you can’t live with out them you can stop talking for months then start talking like nothing
by idgaf125822 March 24, 2022
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someone’s “my red” is someone who can hurt them over and over again and its never change your opinion on them. you can still be deeply in love with them still after everything.
“my red’s name is trey
i will always love my red”
by kk421xoxo November 4, 2020
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No matter how far, she’s always therefore me probably the fault of some little red string unbreakable for some reason
Mouse... your my red
by Banderson12321 November 14, 2020
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If someone is your red it means theyre abusive. PLEASE use this to send SOS or call for help
Person 1: Hey whos that?
Person 2: Oh.. Theyre my red....haha
by Hi im pErfectLy Perfect no hid December 2, 2020
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Someone that has been by your side since the day you met them. Someone that’s always had your back in good times and bad. Someone that you love and love hard for. Someone that can’t be replaced no matter what. Someone you trust with your life. And seen you at your worst and best with no judgment. Your red person is very straight up so no sugar coating nun. You can be your full self around them. They are goofy, slow, smart, best driver. DEFINITELY A R.O.D.
Best friend: You are my red person bro.

Other best friend: your what?
Best friend: my red person
by Reaj July 15, 2023
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