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A place in Vietnam where US soldiers beat, raped, tortured and murdered hundreds of innocent civilians and burned their village, knowing full well that the Viet Cong were not there (as demonstrated in court by US military witnesses).

Of the many perpetrators, only one was ever convicted but later pardoned by the President, showing that War Crimes and War Criminals are tolerated in America - as long as they were perpetrated by Americans (or indeed, Israelis).
Man! I went to My Lai and raped me a fine little 12 year old Vietnamese girl, beat and shot a few of the yella gooks and burned their village - and no-one ever pulled me up on it! God Bless America! Now, I'm off to Iraqistan to killify that evil murdering Soddam guy! We can't have world leaders abusing human rights!
by Jay April 16, 2004
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My Lai was a place in Vietnam where in 1968 American soldiers killed everyone suspected to be involved with the Viet cong. This turned out to be nearly everyone in the village. Liberal war protesting hippies love to bring up this tragic event when they run out of irrelevant current event issues to whine about, as opposed to getting a job, bathing, bettering himself, or contributing anything to anyone.
Those hippies are protesting again, don't they ever shut up? It's a shame those Communists weren't at My Lai.
by SAiNT-88 February 27, 2006
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