A word who replaces the nword, if you use this, u’re automatically racist.
by Onikaqueenofrap April 3, 2021
when someone steps on or gets dirt on your fresh new pair of jordans which usually cost about $150 dollars. This is thought as to being one of the worst things you can do to a black person.
deshawn: "what the fuck dawg you scuffed my jordans!!!"

Billy: "I dont see the problem mister."

deshawn: "don't make me cap you white boy!"
by bro from anuda mo November 29, 2010
Used by social rejects who have never felt a females touch
boy with small dick: Calm down jordan
boy who has never gotten female validation: Whatsup my jordan with hard j
anyway follow my insta @alaiyahskyee
by alaiyah April 4, 2021