The definition of my balls are itchy literally means that your balls are itchy
So stop sitting on your ass googling the most worst shit u could possibly search and get a life u fatty
Guy: Yeah dude look away for a minute
Other guy: why?
Guy: Cause I gotta itch my balls real quick
Other Guy: Oh yeah no problem dude why didn’t u just say so?

Other thingy example

Guy: Hey u know what we should do
Dude: yeah what?
Guy: We should search up my balls are itchy in the urban dick
Dude: yeah sure but u know this is just gonna come up with nothing and ur gonna get known as being gay
Guy: Oh dude don’t worry dude, let’s search it up
Dude: Fine
*gets this definition*
Guy: Fuck

Also this was all wrote while itching my balls
by Morgan Boy June 28, 2020
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Something an idiot called damian says on call with me all the time his very very small balls aren't actually itchy he just likes saying his balls are itchy
Me: im going to sleep now baby goodnight 🥺
by Damo_got_itchyballs July 2, 2021
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When you have a boner but there are people around and you don't want them to find out so you say "my balls are itchy" so your friends can distract them
by Kalebbear June 29, 2017
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