2 definitions by Morgan Boy

The definition of my balls are itchy literally means that your balls are itchy
So stop sitting on your ass googling the most worst shit u could possibly search and get a life u fatty
Guy: Yeah dude look away for a minute
Other guy: why?
Guy: Cause I gotta itch my balls real quick
Other Guy: Oh yeah no problem dude why didn’t u just say so?

Other thingy example

Guy: Hey u know what we should do
Dude: yeah what?
Guy: We should search up my balls are itchy in the urban dick
Dude: yeah sure but u know this is just gonna come up with nothing and ur gonna get known as being gay
Guy: Oh dude don’t worry dude, let’s search it up
Dude: Fine
*gets this definition*
Guy: Fuck

Also this was all wrote while itching my balls
by Morgan Boy June 28, 2020
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