The muscle car made by Ford. Now known to completely kick the living shit out of the Chevy Camaro, despite the 1.2L difference in engine size. Yes, Ford fucked up with the 4.6 being severely under-powered, but they finally got their heads removed from their asses and made a Kickass engine. For those that think camaros are better, i ask you this: Wtf happened between 2002-2009?
Holy shit this Mustang GT is fast as fuck!
by OvrWhelmingWang July 16, 2010
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a car in its stock form that can beat any F-body that has aftermarket headers, 3" exhaust pipes with 4" tips and stage 2 cams
My stock 99 Mustang GT was beat your piece of shit Trans Am with cams and exhaust
by F-bodykilla October 16, 2009
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A car that it mindlessly bought by teenagers under the impression that it is "fast" despite the fact that it needs a blower just to keep up with the camaros and trans ams from way back in '02.

The Mustang GT makes use of a 4.6L V8 engine, which basically gives the horsepower output of a sewing machine. Compare it to the 2010 Camaro's 6.3 L LS3 V8, producing over 130 more horsepowers than the GT's baby engine. The V6 Camaro is actually as powerful as the Mustang Gt's V8.
Look at that kid with the Mustang GT. He just challenged a Trans Am owner to a race. Poor kid is going to get embarrassed.
by YHHAWNFTPSHI May 6, 2009
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An underpowered, overmarketed car built for a sucker who thinks he has bought a fast car. Easily smoked by any souped up rice burner or a stock Vette or Camaro. You're likely to see 3 or more at any given intersection. Known well for "add-ons" such as ridiculous spoilers or dubs. Still an ugly ass, car of the masses.
While driving my Corvette all I could see was the front end of the Mustang GT with his fog lights on to try and look cool.
by Mustangsmoker October 10, 2009
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(Noun) A girl who is tight, dark, curvy, fast, bossy, and hard to get. Often abbreviated as "GT".
I hate to break it to you, but your sister is a sweet little Mustang GT.

Duuuuuuuude she's such a GT... How the hell am I supposed to get with her?
by voodoochild8722 October 11, 2007
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a girl whose winning favor, is impossible.
man Ida Bigdeli is a real mustang gt. I am head over heels for her but she dosen't give a rat's ass.
by infantry(V bahrami) July 4, 2009
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