4 definitions by infantry(V bahrami)

(military)a concentrated discharge of artillery or other guns over a wide area as bombardment
pvt.:"HQ please respond " HQ:"this is HQ" pvt.:"we have pinned down need salvo barrage ASAP over" HQ:"acknowledged salvo barrage 5 mins over n out"
by infantry(V bahrami) December 6, 2008
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the fear of getting fucked by six well-hung studs in a closed space at the same time
He who wants to experience utmost fear should never deprive himself from hexopenetroclaustrophobia
by infantry(V bahrami) April 1, 2009
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reincarnation; the process of being born to a new body after death.
some people believe in rebirthing. Actually they believe in metempsychosis.
by infantry(V bahrami) June 19, 2009
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a girl whose winning favor, is impossible.
man Ida Bigdeli is a real mustang gt. I am head over heels for her but she dosen't give a rat's ass.
by infantry(V bahrami) July 4, 2009
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