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A great car, only second to the Ford Mustang in the American Muscle category of automobiles. Unfortunately, since its relaunch in 2009, the Camaro has been the choice cars for poseurs who want to look cool. You can tell the difference between a poseur's Camaro and one worthy of driving the car by the transmission; the poseur will have an automatic, while the true enthusiast will have a 3 pedal manual gearbox. The main reason for poseurs driving (and thus ruining) this great car is that, unlike Dodge and Ford, the Camaro has modern styling, unlike the Challenger and mustang, which directly resemble their ancestors from the 70s.
Faggot: "Just got my new Chevy Camaro with pimp rims and paddle shifters dude! Clutches are for old people I mean like no one uses those anymore!"

Non- Faggot: Lowkey about it, pulls up behind faggot in traffic, heel-toes clutch and beats faggot in race.
by ducci96 August 01, 2011
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