The chosen one. Known for doing the impossible and only being able to define himself. he can bend any rule or doctrine without facing consequences of the common person. Mustafa transcends the confides of the negativity written on urban dictionary. Mustafa is powerful on a multidimensional scale and knows any persons negative opinion of him is just a reflection of themselves
Mustafa created the laws of multidimensional physics and can therefore bend them at will
by If you see it you receive it January 19, 2020
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Mustafa is an Arabic-male name used in both Islam and Christianity (islam more often nowadays). It means the "chosen one." The name holder tends to be:
- Lovable, inspiring, kind, and full of affection; he rarely has enemies.
- He is very quiet, but this often creates problems in his personal life and with partners.
- He doesn't talk about his feelings and if he does, its something that isn't true; he uses confessions to serve him a specific purpose.
- Bold in his actions and he is very brave yet cautious.
- He is good-heart to the extent that he's often fooled by a lot of people.
- He likes white girls

- He is lazy

- He is honest

- Drinks
- Smokes

- Does really well at work
- Does well in school
- He doesn't leave things half done, he likes things done perfectly

- He is very tech savvy

- He can learn what ever he wants

- He speaks multiple languages

- He likes to travel a lot

- He likes huskies

- He likes salty things
- He drinks whiskey

- He is a god in bed

- He treats women right

- He wants his partner all to himself (possessive)

- Jealous, Patient, Adaptable, Ambitious, bright, calm, charming, diplomatic, discreet, funny, gentle, loyal, polite.

Just one bad thing about this dum*a**; He should keep sh!t to himself more often. Sometimes he shouldn't tell people what he wants or about to do.
Lady' : Did you see that guy that walked right by us?
Lady'' : He is so perfect.

Lady' : This is Mustafa, I was telling you about him.
by iKnowYouDon't December 4, 2016
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An amazing, intelligent and brilliant guy. Perfect in every way.
He's so Mustafa.
by aynonymymous July 19, 2018
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Extremely hot person all the girls love him. He can steal any girl. His tall which women love. He’s very slick and can be classy at times. He’s a athlete in every sport. He’s a god in bed.
I saw a Mustafa the other day, he was so hot!
by Dictionarynameteller February 19, 2018
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A magnificent being that wows all the ladies. Mustafa’s are known to be handsome, intelligent, and makes good looking kids.
“That Mustafa is the best thing that ever happened to me”
by MufasaTheGOAT January 1, 2019
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Mustafa means either the chosen one or the person with and amazing life style, whom who is named this shall be romantic,lucky,sociable and funny.
by assasin23 November 29, 2014
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the choosen one... the great one
theres a mustafa you better get out of there way or you will be dismissed
by shadz February 10, 2005
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