An incorrect way of saying 'must have'.
Nolan: He must of walked out the back door after murdering her,thereby explaining the lack of footbrints in the snowy front yard.

Charlie: Must...of?
by Diggity Monkeez March 3, 2005
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When a girl ejects vaginal lubricant when turned on.
I went to see Magic Mike XXL and totally musted myself
by Weird Matty April 16, 2017
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A very bad odor, usually when a person doesn't shower and/or doesn't put d-eo and/or breath smells like shit
Man1- Wats good girl
Girl- Woooaaahhh!!!! ur breath smells so bad idk if u need gum or toliet paper
Man2- Lmao Nigga she played u
Man1- Nigga STFU
Girl- Nigga u smell like straight up must
by adrian kilpat. July 20, 2009
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referring to an emo kid
a weird or goth type kid walks by and someone says... he must be emo, or.... must be
by d-street November 2, 2008
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Confirmation, approval or agreement of an action that is shared by one or more persons.

Based on outcome of Jicha Vs Alward, a 2010 juror ruling known as the JichaPants Verdict, ruled 11-1 that Must is in fact equal to or greater than Must.

The only exception is when Must, which normally equals Must, can be overruled by Must - (Must/Must + Must * Must) * Must/Must * Must squared = Must. Then it just equals Must.

Must can also achieve significant interest when equaling Must as seen here: MUST = P(1+MUST)^MUST

Additionally, the amount of MUST found in the surface area of a sphere can be found by using MUST = 4Pi(MUST*MUST)
Must = Must

1. "Are you going to the rager tonight at Webster?"


2. "Bro, did you just take a shit in my toilet and not flush?"


3. "Hey, do you know who the Devils play tonight?"


"Um, you didn't even answer my question."


"I hate you"

4. I feel very Must today.
by Colonel Mustard the Third March 11, 2011
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When a girl creams herself when she is turned on.
So, I went to see Magic Mike XXL and I totally musted myself
by Weird Matty April 16, 2017
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a severe odor that tends to follow certain wherever they go. Often caused lack of bathing, brushing teeth or changing clothes.
"even after mike left his must hung around and made the room stink"
by doodypie696969 November 16, 2008
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