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Musical cock is a game played by a group of people (usually gays), often in an informal setting purely for entertainment such as a birthday party. The game starts with any number of players and a number of cocks one fewer than the number of players; the cocks are arranged in a circle. A non-playing individual plays recorded music, while the music is playing, the players in the circle walk in unison around the cocks. When the music player suddenly stops the music, everyone must race to sit down in one of the cocks. The player who is left without a cock is eliminated from the game, and one chair is also removed to ensure that there will always be one fewer cock than there are players. The music resumes and the cycle repeats until there is only one player left in the game, who is the winner.
Frankmusik was having such a good time playing musical cock, he couldn't fly back to the UK for his concert
by shauneyboi April 23, 2010
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