Male masturnation technique wherein the man vigorously oscillates the palm of his hand solely on the tip of the penis. A pleasureful experience if done masterfully, and vice versa
Ed realized the tip of his dick is pretty sensitive, so he decided to polish the bishop mushroom top style this afternoon.
by Dang Lin Wang LXIX April 23, 2015
Term used to describe when fat chicks wear hip hugger pants and a short shirt. It describes the layer of fat that pokes out all the way around the mid section.
Don't you want to lick butter off that mushroom top?
by Matt Booya November 18, 2005
A term to descibe the image of a woman's flabby calves spilling over the top of a pair of boots. Similar to the term muffin top, except on one's legs.
Did you see her mushroom tops? Her legs barely fit in those boots. Her calves were pouring out the top.
by ConnPark December 15, 2008
The extreme version of Muffin Top. So extreme the top half grows from the head down then abruptly stops at the hips( like a mushroom ) to reveal thinner, and possibly even nice legs. Gravitational wise.. we don't know how this is possible. But many have proved gravity wrong by this odd shaped silhouette. Also known as Toad Stool.
"Wow, she has nice legs considering what her top half looks like."

"I know, she has a mushroom top, that's why she wears short skirts and then baggy sweatshirts."

by mdez March 25, 2009
The top of one's penis named as such because the top resembles a mushroom.
Stop touching my mushroom top faggat!
by joe smo June 17, 2003
A penis that resembles small mushroom with a big round head.
I tried to enjoy it but he had a Button Top Mushroom for a dick
by poop in the clit April 28, 2017