When you sleep with a girl on her period and there is a lot of blood all over the sheets after you are done.
My bed looked like a murder scene after I got done having sex with my girlfriend.
by Reed Janesek July 13, 2006
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Never you mind the perpetrators. The REAL murder scene is when you sneak a deuce onto the rim or a public toilet, wipe yer keester, and then ‘chalk’ an outline of yourself onto the stall walls in deuce juice. If you really want to go over the top, then you save a little doo-doo butter, and wipe it all over the sink handles, soap, and paper towel handles, whilst saving a little extry for the exit door handle. NOICE!
Rod the Bod left a murder scene in the shit house at that Friendly's Restaurant back in the 90s. Tony was witness to that afwul carnage... Other than Tony, there are no credible witnesses in this unsolved case, although a plaque was dedicated in honor of the event.
by Jeremiaj December 13, 2006
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a sexual act in which a M/F acts as if they are dead while the other person proceeds to masterbate over them
And outline their body with their jizz
Me and Alex tried murder scene last night I do recommend it
by Cheesey cheese 🧀 November 18, 2019
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Wake up in the morning, see the blood in the hall from the murder scene
Don't cry, just ask why
And try not to die as I take you through a ghetto nigga's lullaby
-2Pac, Ghost
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My chemical romances DVD/CD, includes a Video diary that involves everything about the band, everything you'd wanna know and more!

Also another dvd with 3film clips and the making of them and some other goodies.

And a Live CD which has awsome songs live... obviously.
Headfirst for Halo's! Kicks major ass! especially live.

life on the murder scene is a must buy for any MCR Fan, and if your not a fan, then the DVD diary will probly influence you into buying there Albums.
by xIsolatedx June 6, 2006
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Sex involving female ejaculation, semen, vaginal blood and possibly (hopefully) anal excretions. The resulting setting resembles a typical murder scene with evidence strewn about the room, particularly on the curtains.
Dude, Monday morning my mom walked into my bedroom and asked me if I'd had murder scene sex last night.
by Teepo Dale December 31, 2005
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