The process of affectionately rubbing something with your face; esp. pets.

See also murble
I was murbling on my cats belly when she scratched me.
by March 26, 2013
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The act of partially drowning with the sound of blowing bubbles under water.

Any situation where you are caught or stuck with your head below the water line and your body above the water line, and having to alternate between raising your head to breathe in and relaxing again to begin partially drowning, again. Repeat.
I was catching yabbies from an overhanging branch at the creek when he slipped and fell. My ankle getting caught in the forked branch and head in the water I started murbling until help arrived.
by Dake8611 September 4, 2014
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To rub affectionately against someone or something
My kitty-cat murbled against my leg when I gave it food
by Pavel-Hassan August 22, 2006
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To fucking complain about your significant other because of their tendencies to be a sarcastic asshole.
The rowing girl from URI wouldn't stop murbling last night at the bar.
by Briansboxers November 25, 2005
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