Mura can be a word that means "unevenness," "non-uniformity," or "irregularity."

While in some parts of Asian Countries like Malaysian, Filipino, and Indonesian the word mura means cheap or inexpensive
Mura has various meanings depending on where you are
by Vabe Tellurion December 30, 2022
a sick person that has a great name, usually a mura is someone that lights up the world and brings joy to everyone!
wow that mura kid is off the chain
by jugishriu123 April 13, 2018
A name commonly used for an Anime watching neck beard man without any social qualities
Damn man joshua is such a mura there is no way he has friends lol.
by thecumslut February 12, 2018
some chick with a long dick that breaks tables with it
Damn! That table must've been broken by a Mura.
by jastits January 26, 2018
A gay ass no good bitch. Someone everyone hates and someone who does it with his dog westley. Everyone wishes he was dead and die.
by Sad brad February 23, 2018
can be used for situations that'll make you say "what the fuck is wrong with you?" or "What in the hell are you doing?" but in a more passive-aggressive approach. Mainly used in present time.
*Person 1 bumps into Person 2, then just walks away*
Person 2: Mura mag tala.
by MetaMemePlayer February 8, 2022
The best non-binary you'll ever meet! They're always so sweet and kind and will murder anyone that makes you sad. They dance better than Zhongli says "Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember," and if you ever meet them, make sure to treat them the best possible way.
Ash Mura is so kind!
by floyo <3 February 10, 2022