A muppet is someone who’s name starts with an A and ends with an S and is always on top of your head being annoying and doesn’t leave you alone. They are very very very annoying and lie all the time.
by Cooooooel Dood June 08, 2020
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Those named Junior have always been known to be muppets
"Did you hear about Junior?"

"That muppet? What's he done this time.."
by nothintofwi October 09, 2019
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A a self-proclaimed car enthusiast that is too scared to tune their own car.
"Look at that guy: He's got a car and he won't tune it. What a fucking muppet."
"See that muppet behind the wheel? Everyone knows his car is stock."
by Silicon Quick2 August 06, 2020
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MUPPET is an acronym for:

'Most Useless / Pathetic Person Ever Trained'

Common usage has seen the term become a day-to-day reference for someone who is particularly stupid, clumsy or lacking common in sense and logic.

Origins: Unknown - however most evidence points to the film industry (particulary gaffers & grips) rather than the US Military who is usually given the credit for such acronyms.
"Shall we get Tom in on the project?
Tom? - Hell no, He's a total muppet."
by EnzoYug June 04, 2006
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