Something that is lit up and easily flammable. When lit, it denotes intense, physical action compounded by a song that will get stuck in your head. Introduced during the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.
"Light a Mup Mup Mup. Light a Mup Mup Mup. Light a Mup Mup Mup. I'M ON FI-YAH" - Fall Out Boy
by Gary B. July 6, 2013
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1. Irish Term used when event of satisfaction occurs. Origins are probably from mushing together the words “come up” .
2. Also used as verb with similar meaning to ‘go’
3. A less common use of the word is when it is used as a noun in place of the word “drugs”
1. That girl said I’ve a cute dog. Muuup
2. Are you mupping tonight son ;)
3. Lad your surely on the mup tonight son dirty sublic yup yup
by Shuvupwhentoldyup February 14, 2020
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Sometimes, when someone is being a muppet, calling them one isn't needed and the three letter abbreviation will suffice. Another way of calling them a pillock.
"shit, dropped my phone down the bog."
"You mup."
by AutumnGaslight February 24, 2015
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It can replace any word so only you an someone else can comprehend what exactly you talking bout
Pass me the mup.

Clean your mupy
I'm chewing my mup
by Swiffbroward December 21, 2016
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Mup is an Irish term, that means “go!” and “fun!” and “yay!” It is often used when something good happens
yeah you were amazing in that match!” “Mup!!”
by ebj January 4, 2022
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Mup is a universal word that can mean anything.
"She mupped loudly as she was done away with."
"Mup out of that chair promptly."
by Ty4 January 16, 2013
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A slang word, short for muppet, used a lot in London and places around there.
"Look what ya did ya mup"
by Lissy November 1, 2004
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