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The art of finding the ugliest looking females (or munts) on Myspace, saving the links and then trading the links off against another player, a la Top Trumps. Usually played over an instant messaging service like MSN Messenger.

The two players are given a certain amount of time (usually one hour) to find five random pictures of munts each on Myspace by any means necessary. The only rules are that it must be a different munt each time and that the picture must be full size - i.e a profile picture on a profile set to private is not enough. These links are then usually saved onto a Notepad or Wordpad document for ease of copy and pasting into an IM window later.

Once the time is up, the players go head to head with their pictures, and out of fairness, the player who starts first will show their second picture second and then their third picture first etc.

A decision is then made by the contestants after each turn, unless the players can't agree, in which case, a neutral third party gets the casting vote. Whoever has the muntiest picture for that round wins and gets one point. The rules for how munty a munt is aren't clear, but in general, odder looking munts usually prevail over ones who are clinically obese.

The first to three points wins, but the game continues until all pictures are shown for posterity.
"Dude, I totally just caned you in a Munt Contest!!"

by thrashduck October 25, 2009
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