A card game for pseudo nerds, or those who don't have the brain capacity to play a real nerd game like bakugan. Popular in the 1970's it appears to be stuck there. The real "good" part is that you can't play with another players deck of cards. You have to give them some of your cards then try and win them back. So it's a prototype of the bank bailout system. I'll give you some taxpayer money and you can share it among yourselves, meanwhile I'll try my best to get it back off you! It's also educational you'll soon find out that the number 8 is larger than the number 2.
Li; "do you want a play a game of snap?"
Wang; "Snap, isn't that a bit complicated?"
Li; "true, how about a game of Top trumps?"
Wang: "OK"
by W.A.dingtons March 23, 2009
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