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Mumford & Sons are a folk band who are extremely lame. Their most common lyrical themes include waiting for people, God and other bollocks like that. They play the same three chords endlessly throughout all three albums while the Marcus Mumford drones along.

Mumford & Sons are also mistaken for poetry, talented, original and good musicians as opposed to generic, untalented, ripping off other and much better folk bands and pseudo-amish musicians who borrow all their shit from Guitar Center.
Friend 1: I like Mumford & Sons, I will wait is such a good song

Me: Mumford & Sons is hipster bullshit which just so happens to be boring as fuck... As a matter of fact, Mumford & Sons in my opinion are worse than Creed and are the Nickelback of folk.

Friend 1: But the vocalist has such a nice voice

Me: No he doesn't. It's monotonous and irritating.
by CottonEyedBlow July 21, 2014
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