Someone who is beyond the concept of moron. Is so mentally challenged that they cannot even be called a "spanner". They are instead called by so many tools that it needs to be encompaased by several tools at once.
"Dude, you are such a multi-tool."
"A what?"
"You just proved my point."
by Friedrich February 22, 2003
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A tool that can be used for anthing. Usually a large knife or the like. I have one and i use it for all kinds of stuff. Scratchin itches, cleanin the pipe, cutting stuff, poking badgers, carvin my name in shit, widdleing, death threats, both mistemenor and felony crimes, picking locks, picking my nose, picking my teeth,(not in that order), fileing fingernails, can be used as silverware, skinning small animals, cut rope or wire, dialing numbers on the phone, typing, pokeing holes in stuff, and many others.
I used my multi purpose everything tool 3 times while submitting this definition
by Russ Bus February 07, 2006
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