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A very rare animal, has only been located a few times near the barbers shop. However the Mukthar never enters the Barber and is charectarised to be very hairy.

A Mukthar can also be defined as extreme hairy growth due to the rare animal disease.

Litteraly; Mukhtar is the only reason they made the Gillete Fusion extreme hardcore limited edition, with blades made of industrialised diamonds mixed with liquid titanium. The word Mukhtar, can be used to define a hairy person:
Oh dude you have to shave that Mukhtar!

Is that a Mukhtar? No, its just a werewolf.

I think im going to grow a Mukhtar.

I dont think thats a girl dude, its got Mukhtar!

If that regular barbergele does't do it, then get your hands on the Gillete Fusion edition.
by BigNose2010 November 10, 2010
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